News: Costume Update

The costume I mentioned in my last post is taking longer than I thought it would be, but it's almost done! I'm hoping to finish it either this evening or tomorrow. All the little mods I've added have taken up more time than I thought... but isn't that always the way it goes? It seems like every time I plan out a project, it always takes me at least an hour or so more than I originally planned, usually more.

News: Followup to Previous Post

So after I wrote my post yesterday, I got sent two links in response, both some pretty awesome and in-depth analysis of the costumes in Rapunzel. It's pretty awesome, I think, to see such detailed costumes in an animated movie - right down to the patch on Flynn's bag and the embellishments on Rapunzel's bodice.

News: PatternFile Organization Software

I love this software. It's currently in development by a friend of mine, and is a great utility to keep all your patterns organized. Tag them, note where they're stored and included a brief description or sewing notes. The best part is that new features are being added all the time!

News: Best places for fabric?

I admit it, I'm lucky - I currently live about an hour away from the Fabric District in LA, and was recently just about ten miles down Pico Boulevard from it. So I'm incredibly spoiled - I'm used to being able to find crushed panne velvet for four dollars a yard, or a rich brocade for six dollars a yard. A friend and I once found some faux fur for about fifty dollars a yard - which sounds expensive until I say that the pile was about two and a half inches long, a rich brown color and 60" wide.

News: Post Apocalyptic Fantasy Garb

Yup, that's right! There is a new larp starting up near me, called Cobalt Nightmares, where the theme is Post Apocalyptic Fantasy. I have to admit, I absolutely adore the Post Apocalyptic genre (especially that awesome Fallout LARP in Poland), and I'm interested to see what happens when it becomes a fantasy game instead of a science fiction game.

News: I love when a costume comes together

I actually didn't do any sewing at all for this costume, just kind of cobbled it together for a fantasy larp I'm in. The green and gold corset was a gift, the lace shirt and brown overskirt I got from a clothing exchange, the white underskirt comes from a thrift store, and the purple wrap was given by a friend. I was going for a somewhat Renaissance Italy style with this costume, and I think it's a great example of what you can put together just by raiding your closet.

News: Laura Ashley 1950s style dress

I made this dress to attend a wedding, using a Laura Ashley pattern that is sadly now out of print (M5232, View C, It's supposed to be a modern style, but I used a stiff brocade as my fashion fabric. When I was done, I realized that the stiffness of the brocade made the skirt flare out and give it a 1950s style silhouette. I love this because it's like stealth vintage!

News: Hello hello!

Welcome, friends! This World has been created for people of all types who have a love of costuming - and a love of sewing! I collect patterns, catalogs and fabrics of all types, eager for my next project. I've done a 1940s era suit, a 1950s cocktail dress and several costume gowns, cloaks, shirts and accessories.

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