News: Best places for fabric?

Best places for fabric?

I admit it, I'm lucky - I currently live about an hour away from the Fabric District in LA, and was recently just about ten miles down Pico Boulevard from it. So I'm incredibly spoiled - I'm used to being able to find crushed panne velvet for four dollars a yard, or a rich brocade for six dollars a yard. A friend and I once found some faux fur for about fifty dollars a yard - which sounds expensive until I say that the pile was about two and a half inches long, a rich brown color and 60" wide. 

If I can't make it down to the Fabric District, I usually shop at my local Joann's. They're almost always having a sale, and I wait until they're having a massive half off discount to buy most of my stash.

Where are your favorite places to get fabric? Anything you just can't resist? I'm a sucker for suedecloth and can't resist buying a few yards off a particularly lovely bolt.

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It's sad that Joann's is the lone survivor of the chain brick and mortar fabric stores out of Beverly and Hancock fabrics. Consumers could use some competition right now. Otherwise I too am a fan of the LA downtown fabric district. I usually pit Joanns sales against their prices when haggling. If I can get it cheaper with one of Joann's current sales or with a 40% off coupon, Joanns wins. "But it's not the same." they say. "Yes it is," I reply and start walking out the door.

Oh but don't get me started on the embroidered laces and silks there. Gorgeous!

There's a really tiny store in the Fox Hills Mall called Sally's Fabrics. Their selection is decent - it's a tiny store, so there's not a whole lot. But what I really like are their button and ribbon remnants. They'll collect a bunch of ribbons or buttons or little accessories and put them in the same Ziploc bag and sell it for two dollars. I've gotten some pretty cool treasures by rifling through their button box!

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