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Forum Thread: Currently working on...

Right now, my current project is actually a small accessory I'm making for a gift exchange. I'm going to try and use Simplicity 5320 to make a sling pouch. It's intended to be a water bottle sling made out of fat quarters, but I'm going to try and make it out of some scraps of black suedecloth I have laying around.

Forum Thread: Costuming a Wedding

First off, I'm so sorry it's taken over a month to get this uploaded! The only pictures I knew the location of were on my dad's network an hour and a half away or on Facebook, and none of those were ones I wanted to show off. A lot of "Ooh, pretty! *click*" that didn't really look good with flash and low light, etc.

Forum Thread: Places to wear costumes

What are your favorite places or events which encourage costuming? I do a lot of larping (Live Action Roleplaying), in large part because I adore the chance to get dressed up and the creative challenge of coming up with an awesome costume (my current character is a blend of Italian Renaissance and Classical Greek styles, who favors purple and silver as her colors).

Forum Thread: Inspiration?

Where do you go to get inspired? The easiest sites for me are the Simplicity and B.M.V webpages. I visit every couple weeks or so to see what's new, especially in their costume section. I like Butterick's Making History section, I've gotten a lot of great ideas from that line.

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