Poll: What's your favorite style of costuming?

Personally, I'm a larper (live action roleplayer), so a strict attention to historical detail is not as important as making something look good. I like the leeway larping costumes give me, but I certainly understand the allure of historical reconstructionists.

Of course, if I'm not making a costume for a larp, I love cobbling together steampunk gadgets.

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3 Responses

I'm a festival addict. At one point I was hitting four a year, which is big for Oklahoma. I go for the more fantastical costumes (ie. Fairies) for the simple fact that I don't have to be historically accurate. I can wear just about anything I want to wear if I'm a fairy, and that suites me just fine.

I'm just starting to jump into the world of Steampunk (like everyone else in the world, it seems) and my what fun! In my head I have now a complete Steampunk Lollita costume, and I have the how-to to make it. I just don't have all the supplies.

I *love* steampunk, and I wish there were more places to wear it around here!

I also really like the fairy costume in your pic - how did you make it?

The skirt came from a yard sale, the belt from a thrift store, and the pointy ears from a festival, but I made the rest.

The corset-vest is from the Simplicity 9966 pattern, and the shirt under it is a Butterick, I think. On the corset-vest (what is the word for those things? I've been calling it that since I made it. is it just a corset?) instead of lacing the front like you're supposed to, I grommeted watch bands (cut off of dead watches from a flea market) so it would buckle closed. Steampunk-y. The wings are 4 wire coat hangers bent out of coat hanger shape, taped together at the hook, and covered with panty hose. I made some arm-loops that are sewn to the now V-shaped hanger hooks (shaped so the wings don't fall down but stay up in the position in the pic) so I could slip them on and off. The necklace is a strip of suede with gear shaped washers and bits of a chain necklace (both also from the flea market) sewn to it. Also steampunk-y.

Where is "around here," if you don't mind my asking. I'm hoping to get my steampunk idea out of my head and onto my self by April. There's a convention coming up in OKC, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Here are some better pictures of it:

Corset and necklace

This is so you can better see the wings

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